Internet Marketing Reviews


The idea that you can get rich overnight on the internet is simply bogus. Just like any brick and mortar business it takes time. The obvious benefit to running an online business is that little or no investment is required as you don't need to buy or rent any real estate to have a physical location. You really don't even need a physical product as you will discover in these marketing books. If you want to get started with an online business don't worry too much about which book you choose just following my recommendation.The more important part is that you grasp the concept of what online marketing is all about and any of these will be able to provide you with just that.

Really it doesn't matter which book you start with, what matters is that you start. Any of the books here give you all you need to begin. Just choose what appeals to you most and be assured you can get your money back if you are not satisfied.

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Ultimate Wealth Package Review
Rate: 9.8

Simply the most complete, up to date information available about making money on the internet. Just got a copy of this for review and let me tell you this package is loaded! Everything the Rich Jerk has, plus more, for a smaller price. Once you enter the member's area you will be blown away by what you get.

Also, for a limited time, this author is offering to build you your own website free of charge! If you don't know anything about building websites then this is definitely for you. To top it all off you also get over 100 products with full resale rights. And hey, let's not forget the money back guarantee. You can find out more by going there now.


Become Hated Review
Rate: 9.8

Another excellent and very simple to use guide, highly recommended. Fully loaded 77 pages of information that shows you numerous ways to profit online. This book is well structured and organized, very easy to read. Quite simply one of the most in depth guides we have seen up to date. Great for the beginner and good enough for the expert. The numerous ways of being able to profit online revealed in this book will amaze you. This comes from an experienced group of online marketers and definitely worth every penny.


Rich Jerk Review
Rate: 9.8

The Rich Jerk is really a rich jerk. Maybe you've already looked at his site and are thinking if he is for real. He may come off as an asshole but let me tell you one thing - this book is really motivating! There are no "fillers" in this book where you get hundreds of pages of junk. It is straight to the point and tells you exactly how you can begin making money online. This has to be one of the most motivating books of all time. He basically sums up what a "professional marketer" would teach you over the course of a year. A definite buy in my opinion.


Affiliate Project X - six figure secrets exposed
Rate: 9.8

Affiliate Project X isn't a step-by-step system to setting up an affiliate marketing business. It assumes that the reader has basic affiliate marketing skills - things like setting up a Web site, using Adwords, good Web copywriting. But it is a collection of tactics that are not generally well-known, and it does use a step-by-step approach, or blueprint, to help you understand and implement each method. Not the best compared to the above but a lot better compared to other programs not listed here.


Other Marketing Books to Consider

We are not reviewing these as we feel the above programs are the best around. However, if for some reason they do not appeal to you feel free to take a look at these books.

26 and Rich
Rate: 9.5


Forex Enterprise
Rate: 9.5


Google Profits
Rate: 9.5


Google Cash
Rate: 9.5